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Nautical Voile Curtains and Coastal Voile Curtains

Do you have a place by the seaside or dream of having one? Voila Voile is here to help you create a refreshing nautical theme in your home with our Nautical Voile Curtains/Coastal Voile Curtains. These calming beach curtains will remind you of sunny days by the ocean so you can always feel at peace at home. They make for especially great bathroom curtains as they pair beautifully with cool tones, but they will also give any other room a gentle coastal atmosphere.  

We have a selection of elegant nautical voile curtains that will let sunlight shine into your home while maintaining your privacy. Whether it’s embroidered voile curtains that appeal to you more, or printed voile curtains, we have it all. Our thicker nautical drapes also have charming designs if you would prefer to keep out the sunlight. Just have a look and see what tickles your fancy!

Our made to measure voile curtains are stylish window treatments that are sure to freshen up any home. If your home is need of some soothing Nautical Voile Curtains/Coastal Voile Curtains that bring the refreshing ambience of the seaside to you, Voila Voile is here to help. 

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Nautical voile curtains offer a light and breezy way to infuse a coastal aesthetic into your space. Here are some tips and ideas to enhance the coastal charm with nautical voile curtains:  

Light Colour Palette: Choose voile curtains in light and neutral colours such as whites, creams, and soft blues to create an airy and open feel reminiscent of the coastal palette.  

Stripes for a Nautical Touch: Incorporate classic horizontal stripes for a timeless nautical look. Navy and white stripes evoke a maritime feel, while softer colours can contribute to a relaxed coastal vibe.  

Seashell Embellishments: Consider voile curtains with delicate seashell patterns or embellishments to bring a touch of the beach indoors. These details add whimsy and contribute to the coastal theme.

Wave Patterns:  Opt for voile curtains featuring subtle wave patterns. This design choice mimics the ebb and flow of ocean waves, enhancing the overall coastal ambiance.  

Layer with Heavier Curtains: Create depth by layering nautical voile curtains with heavier curtains in complementary colours. This not only adds visual interest but also allows for flexibility in adjusting light levels.  

Natural Textures:  Choose voile curtains with natural textures like linen or cotton to evoke a laid back coastal feel. These materials enhance the breezy and relaxed atmosphere.  

Tiebacks with Nautical Elements:  Use rope tiebacks or curtain holdbacks with nautical elements such as knots or anchors. These details add a subtle maritime touch and enhance the overall theme.  

Mix and Match Patterns:  Don't be afraid to mix different nautical patterns. Combine stripes with seashell motifs or wave patterns for a playful yet cohesive coastal look.  

Light Filtering: Opt for voile curtains with light filtering properties. This ensures that you enjoy the natural light while maintaining privacy, creating a bright and inviting space.  

Extend to Outdoor Spaces:  If applicable, extend the coastal theme to outdoor spaces by using nautical voile curtains on patios or balconies. This creates a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor coastal living.  

By incorporating these tips and ideas, you can create a coastal retreat within your home, transforming it into a light-filled and relaxing space inspired by the beauty of the seaside.
When selecting hardware for a coastal voile curtain, consider opting for materials that complement the coastal theme and evoke a seaside ambiance. Weathered wood, brushed nickel, or rope style hardware can enhance the coastal look, adding a touch of natural or nautical charm to your curtains. Coastal bedrooms often benefit from hardware that mimics the textures and elements found by the sea, contributing to the overall aesthetic of a relaxed and breezy atmosphere.
Nautical voile curtains, with their light and airy design, find optimal placements in areas where a breezy and coastal aesthetic is desired.  

Living rooms benefit from the voile fabric, allowing natural light to permeate while evoking a seaside ambiance.  

Bedrooms, adorned with nautical voile curtains, transform into serene retreats, maintaining privacy without compromising the ethereal feel.  

In dining areas, nautical voile curtains add a touch of elegance, allowing a play of light during daytime gatherings.  

Bathroom, nautical voile curtains can be an excellent choice for a bathroom decor, especially if you're aiming for a coastal or maritime theme. Their lightweight and translucent nature allow natural light to filter through, brightening up the space while still offering a degree of privacy. The nautical theme of these curtains, often featuring motifs like anchors, stripes, or marine creatures, can add a charming seaside touch to the bathroom ambiance.

Their versatility extends to various home settings, offering a stylish solution to infuse a coastal charm into any room while maintaining a sense of openness and brightness.
Popular patterns for coastal voile curtains often are light and breezy designs inspired by the seaside. Some prevalent patterns include:

Wave Patterns: Mimicking the gentle waves of the ocean, these patterns add a subtle and calming touch to coastal voile curtains.

Seashell Motifs: Delicate seashell patterns evoke a beachy vibe, creating a tranquil and coastal atmosphere in the space.

Fish or Marine Life Prints: Playful patterns featuring fish or other marine life contribute to a whimsical coastal theme, perfect for enhancing a relaxed and casual decor.

Stripes:  Classic and timeless, horizontal or vertical stripes in soft, coastal colours bring a nautical and airy feel to voile curtains.

Coral Designs: Coral patterns add an elegant and intricate touch, reminiscent of underwater coral reefs, infusing the space with coastal charm.

Botanical Prints:  Soft botanical prints, featuring coastal flora, contribute to a natural and relaxed ambiance, connecting the indoors with the coastal landscape.

Lighthouse Illustrations:  Depicting iconic coastal structures, lighthouse patterns offer a charming and maritime-inspired element to voile curtains.

Sand Dollar Accents:  Incorporating delicate sand dollar motifs adds a subtle and sophisticated coastal touch to voile curtains.

When selecting patterns for coastal voile curtains, opting for light and neutral colours enhances the overall breezy and open feel, making them perfect for capturing the essence of coastal living.