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Cotton Voile Curtains

You can never go wrong with cotton as a fabric, which our cotton voile curtains are a testament to. Being a natural product, cotton is a light and pleasant material which is sure to always look beautiful and feel soft to touch. These sheer cotton curtains are easy to handle, match with any interior style, come in any colour and design, and are also highly affordable. How could anyone resist these versatile, classy and lightweight cotton voile curtains? Simply pick your favourite out of these cotton curtain panels, let the sunlight shine into the room, and watch your home and mood instantly brighten up.


Specialising in made to measure curtains, we have an extensive and excellent collection of cotton sheers. Our white cotton voile curtains/sheer curtains are always trendy thanks to the fresh and peaceful atmosphere they bring to every home, but we have other styles too. Why not take a look at our cotton linen blend sheer curtains for the best of both worlds? Or you might be interested in our elegant semi-sheer cotton curtains for some more privacy. We’re sure that we have the perfect window dress for you.


Take a look through our custom sheer curtains and get ready to fall in love now. Whether it’s woven knit cotton blend sheer curtains, embroidered cotton voile curtains, or cotton blend net curtains, we have the cotton voile curtains you need to update your home. You’ll have your dream house in no time.


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Cotton voile curtains are typically made of lightweight and translucent fabric, allowing some degree of visibility through them. However, the level of transparency can vary depending on factors such as the fabric's thickness, weave, and the amount of light in the surrounding environment.   

During the day, when there is ample natural light outside, cotton voile curtains provide excellent privacy, the view is often obscured, and details is diffused due to the translucent nature of the fabric. Our heavy voile curtains provide even better privacy.  

At night, however, if there is light inside the room, you will be visible to some extent as there is more light inside than outside. If you need more privacy, you might want to use them along with other fabric curtains or use lined voile curtains.  
Cotton voile is a lightweight and somewhat crinkled fabric, and some people appreciate the casual, relaxed look it naturally provides. In such cases, there might be no need to iron the curtains.

However, if you prefer a more polished and smooth appearance, or if the curtains have become excessively wrinkled during storage or washing, you may choose to iron them. Here are some general steps to follow when ironing cotton voile curtains:

1. Use a Low Heat Setting: Cotton voile is a delicate fabric, and using a low to medium heat setting on your iron is advisable to prevent damage.

2. Iron on the Reverse Side: Turn the curtains inside out and iron on the reverse side. This helps to avoid direct heat exposure to the fabric's surface and any embellishments or prints.

3. Steam if Necessary: If your iron has a steam function, you can use it to help remove wrinkles more effectively. Hold the iron a few inches away from the fabric and use the steam option.

4. Test in an Inconspicuous Area: Before ironing the entire curtain, test a small, inconspicuous area to ensure that the fabric can handle the heat without damage.
Yes, cotton voile is often used for curtains because of its excellent draping qualities. Cotton voile is a lightweight and sheer fabric that has a soft and flowing texture. These characteristics make it well-suited for creating curtains that drape gracefully and allow light to filter through, creating an airy and elegant ambiance in a room. The lightweight nature of cotton voile curtains allows them to hang and move with ease, giving a soft and ethereal appearance. The fabric's translucency also allows natural light to penetrate, providing a light and airy feel to the space.
Cotton voile curtains are generally washable. Before washing, refreshing curtains using a vacuum simply involves vacuuming the textile. Here are some general guidelines for washing cotton voile curtains:

1. Remove Hooks and Hardware: Take down the curtains and carefully remove any hooks, rings, or other hardware.

2. Handwash for Eyelet Curtains: For eyelet curtains which have metal rings, handwashing can be a preferable method. Handwashing allows for more control over the process, reducing the risk of damage to the eyelets or other embellishments. When handwashing, use a gentle detergent, lukewarm water.

3. Machine Washing with Delicate Setting: Many cotton voile curtains can be machine washed. If your washing machine has a delicate or hand wash setting, this is usually suitable for cotton voile curtains. Use a gentle cycle with cold or lukewarm water to prevent excessive shrinkage or damage to the fabric.  

4. Avoid Overcrowding: Do not overcrowd the washing machine. Curtains need space to move freely during the wash cycle to prevent wrinkles and damage.

5. Use Mild Detergent: Choose a mild detergent to protect the fabric. Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals, as they can weaken the fibers and affect the curtain's appearance.

6. Air Dry or Low Heat Dry: After washing, air-dry the curtains or use a low heat setting in the dryer, depending on the care instructions. Always avoid high heat to minimize the risk of shrinkage.

7. Ironing: If necessary, iron the curtains on a low to medium heat setting after they are completely dry. Remember to turn them inside out before ironing to protect the fabric.

By following these steps, you can help ensure the longevity and appearance of your cotton voile curtains.
Made to measure voile curtains are window treatments that are specifically made to order, tailored to the exact specifications and preferences of the customer. Unlike ready-made curtains, which come in standard sizes and designs, made to measure voile curtains are created based on the individual requirements of the customer:

1. Made to Order: Made to measure voile curtains are crafted based on the customer's unique specifications. This includes the desired measurements, fabric choice, colour, style, and any additional features or embellishments.

2. Tailored Measurements: One of the primary benefits of made to measure voile curtains is that they are tailored to fit the specific dimensions of the customer's windows. This ensures a precise and perfect fit for the intended space.

3. Fabric Choices: Customers have the freedom to choose the type of sheer fabric they prefer. Common sheer fabrics include voile, sheer linen, sheer cotton, organza, and other lightweight materials. The choice of fabric can affect the transparency, texture, and overall appearance of the curtains.

4. Colour Options: Made to measure voile curtains offer a wide range of colour options. Customers can choose from classic white and neutral tones for a timeless look, or opt for more vibrant colours to add a pop of colour to their space.

5. Heading Styles: Customers can select the heading style of the curtains based on their aesthetic preference and the type of curtain rod they plan to use. Common heading styles include pencil pleat, grommet, rod pocket, pinch pleat, tailored pleat, box pleat, tab top, back tab, and ripple fold curtains.

6. Additional Features: Made to measure voile curtains provide the option to add extra features such as lining types, decorative trims, weights, or tie-backs. These details can enhance the overall appearance and uniqueness of the curtains.

7. Personalized Design: Made to measure voile curtains allow customers to create a personalized and unique window treatment that aligns with their interior decor style. This level of customization ensures that the curtains seamlessly integrate into the overall design of the room.

8. Quality and Craftsmanship: Because made to measure voile curtains are made to order, they often involve a higher level of craftsmanship and attention to detail. This can result in a higher-quality product that meets the customer's specific requirements.

9. Lead Time: Custom orders typically have a longer production time compared to ready-made curtains. Customers should be aware of the estimated lead time.

In summary, made to measure voile curtains provide a tailored solution for those seeking unique and precisely fitted window treatments. This level of customization allows homeowners to achieve a specific look and atmosphere in their living spaces.
Choosing made to measure voile curtains offers many advantages that cater to individual preferences and specific needs:

1. Tailored Fit: Made to measure voile curtains are made to measure, ensuring a precise fit for your windows. This eliminates concerns about curtains that are too short, too long, or not wide enough, providing a polished and professional look.

2. Personalized Design: With made to measure voile curtains, you have control over the design elements. This includes choosing the fabric type, colour, pattern, and any additional features or embellishments. It allows you to create a window treatment that aligns perfectly with your interior decor style.

3. Variety of Fabrics: Custom orders provide a wide range of fabric options for sheer curtains. You can choose from different materials such as voile, chiffon, organza, or other lightweight fabrics, each offering a unique texture and level of transparency.

4. Colour Options: Made to measure voile curtains offer an extensive array of colour choices. Whether you prefer classic white for a timeless look, neutrals to complement existing decor, or vibrant colours to make a statement, you can select the perfect shade for your space.

5. Heading Styles: You can choose the heading style of the curtains, such as rod pocket, pinch pleat, grommet, or tab top. This customization allows you to achieve a specific aesthetic and ensures compatibility with your chosen curtain rod.

6. Additional Features: Made to measure voile curtains often provide the option to add extra features like decorative trims, embroidery, or tie-backs. These details can enhance the overall appearance and uniqueness of the curtains.

7. Quality Craftsmanship: Custom-made curtains typically involve a higher level of craftsmanship. Skilled artisans pay attention to detail, ensuring a high-quality product that meets your specific requirements.

8. Exclusive and Unique: By opting for made to measure voile curtains, you avoid having the same window treatments as everyone else. This exclusivity adds a unique touch to your home decor, making it stand out and reflect your individual style.

9. Control Over Transparency: Depending on your preferences, you can choose a sheer fabric with varying levels of transparency. This allows you to control the amount of natural light entering the room while maintaining privacy.

10. Support for Special Requirements: If you have specific requirements, such as non-standard window sizes or unique design preferences, made to measure voile curtains offer the flexibility to accommodate these needs.

In summary, made to measure voile curtains provide a tailored solution that goes beyond the limitations of ready-made options. They allow you to create a personalized, high-quality, and unique window treatment that enhances the overall aesthetics of your living space.
For detailed guidance on how to measure curtains, including width, drop length, and other essential considerations, you can refer to Voila Voile's comprehensive guide provided at the following link: Voila Voile - How to Measure Curtains. This resource offers step-by-step instructions, ensuring accurate measurements for a perfect fit tailored to your preferences. Click on the link to access a wealth of information that will help you achieve the ideal custom measurements for your sheer curtains.
Selecting the right heading style for made to measure voile curtains depends on both aesthetic preferences and functional considerations. Rod pocket headings create a classic, gathered look, suitable for a more traditional or casual setting. Pinch pleat headings offer a tailored appearance with evenly spaced pleats, adding a touch of formality to the curtains. Eyelet headings provide a modern and streamlined look, allowing for easy sliding along the rod. Tab top headings, with fabric loops attached to the curtain, impart a relaxed and casual feel. The choice depends on the overall decor style, the desired level of formality, and the type of curtain rod being used. For a more in-depth exploration of curtain heading styles and their advantages, considerations visiting Voila Voile's guide on How to Choose Curtain Headings. This resource provides detailed insights to help you make an informed decision based on your specific preferences and needs.