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Powerful elements in interior: Wave, Trellis and Chevron Curtains

Just as music can evoke emotions, rhythm in design can create feelings of comfort, excitement, or tranquillity, depending on how it's applied. Voila Voile's Chevron Curtains, Wave Pattern Curtains, and Trellis Curtains are here to create a pleasing rhythm in your home.

Ready to transform your living spaces with eye-catching patterns and exquisite designs? Explore our collection now!

1. Wave Pattern Curtains: captivating rhythms

Wave Pattern Curtains bring the soothing rhythms of the ocean into your home. With flowing wave designs, they infuse your space with a sense of serenity and fluidity.

2. Trellis Curtains: Timeless Elegance

Trellis pattern curtains offer a touch of timeless elegance with their geometric lattice patterns. These curtains can complement both modern and traditional interiors.

3. Chevron Curtains/Zigzag Curtains

Chevron curtains are known for their bold and trendy zigzag patterns. Our chevron curtain collection has a wide range of options to match your unique style and craft a dynamic focal point in your living spaces.

4. Light and Privacy Control:

Voila Voile offers a variety of options to suit your needs. Choose from light-filtering net curtains that allow gentle sunlight to brighten your space or opt for blackout drapes to create a cosy, shaded retreat.

5. Custom Curtains:

Looking for something truly unique? Our Tailored curtain solutions allow you to select the perfect size, style, and fabric to suit your preferences. Refine your decor with custom made curtains tailored to your unique taste and style.

Discover our collection today and pick your favourite designs to revitalize your home's interior. 

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Chevron patterns have been a popular and enduring design trend. The popularity of chevron curtains can be attributed to their aesthetic appeal, versatility, and the ability to bring a modern and dynamic element to interior spaces.

1. Modern Aesthetic: The bold and dynamic V-shaped pattern of chevron curtain adds a modern and contemporary touch to home decor. It provides a visually striking and energetic element, making it appealing for those seeking a fresh and updated look.

2. Versatility: Chevron pattern curtains are versatile and can be adapted to various design styles. Whether used in bold, contrasting colors for a vibrant effect or in more muted tones for a subtle statement, chevron curtains can complement different interior aesthetics.

3. Visual Interest: The zigzag design of chevron creates visual interest and movement, drawing attention to windows and enhancing the overall aesthetics of a room. This makes chevron curtains a focal point that can elevate the design of the entire space.

4. Playful and Youthful: Chevron pattern curtains often convey a sense of playfulness and youthfulness. This makes them a popular choice for spaces where a lively and spirited atmosphere is desired. They are also superb curtains for children's rooms and nurseries.

5. Timeless Appeal: Chevron patterns have a timeless quality that transcends specific design trends. The classic nature of chevron curtain ensures that it remains a relevant and stylish choice over time.

6. Pattern Variety: Chevron patterns come in various sizes and can be adapted to suit different preferences. Whether opting for large, bold chevrons or smaller, more intricate designs, there is a wide range of choices to cater to individual tastes.

7. Coordination with Other Elements: Chevron curtains coordinate well with other design elements, allowing for easy integration into existing decor. They can be paired with solid color furniture, other patterns, or complementary accessories, providing flexibility in design schemes. E.g., you could introduce throw pillows on the furniture featuring a smaller-scale geometric pattern that complements the chevron design. This creates a harmonious look where the chevron pattern serves as a focal point, and the additional pattern enhances the overall visual interest in the room.
Zigzag curtains are remarkably versatile, making them suitable for various room styles. In contemporary settings, bold and dynamic zigzag patterns can infuse a modern and energetic vibe, complementing sleek furniture and clean lines. For more traditional or eclectic interiors, opting for subtler zigzag designs in neutral tones can add a touch of uniqueness without overpowering the decor. The adaptability of zigzag curtains extends to different room sizes, from small spaces where lighter zigzag patterns create visual interest without overwhelming to larger rooms where bolder designs make a striking statement. Whether you're aspiring for an elegant ambiance in a bedroom or a vibrant atmosphere in a living space, zigzag curtains provide a chic and adaptable window treatment choice for diverse interior styles.
Chevron, herringbone, and zigzag are distinct geometric patterns, each characterized by a unique arrangement of lines. Here's a breakdown of their differences:

1. Chevron:

• Pattern: Chevron features a series of inverted "V" shapes, creating a continuous zigzag pattern. The peaks and valleys form a distinct and consistent design.

• Symmetry: Chevron is symmetrical, with the angles and lines mirroring each other.

2. Herringbone:

• Pattern: Herringbone consists of a pattern of rectangular blocks or parallelograms arranged in a staggered zigzag fashion. The blocks are typically slanted and create a broken zigzag effect.

• Symmetry: Herringbone is asymmetrical, and the slanted blocks do not mirror each other.

3. Zigzag:

• Pattern: Zigzag is a broader term that encompasses any series of connected diagonal lines forming a sharp, continuous pattern, resembling a series of connected "Z" shapes.

• Variety: Zigzag patterns can vary widely, including both sharp angles and more gradual slopes. It is a more general term that encompasses diverse designs.

In summary, while all three patterns involve a form of zigzag, they differ in their specific arrangements and shapes. Chevron is characterized by continuous, symmetrical "V" shapes, herringbone features staggered rectangular blocks, and zigzag is a broader term encompassing various diagonal line arrangements. Understanding these differences can help in choosing the right pattern for specific design preferences and applications.
The impact of chevron curtains on the perceived size of a room depends on various factors, including the chevron pattern, the color scheme, and the overall design of the space.

1. Horizontal vs. Vertical Chevron:

• Horizontal chevron patterns: These can create a widening effect, potentially making a room appear broader.

• Vertical chevron patterns: These may contribute to a sense of height, potentially making a room seem taller.

2. Color Contrast:

• High-contrast colors: Bold and high-contrast chevron patterns can draw attention, which might make the walls feel closer and the room cozier.

• Low-contrast colors: Subtle chevron patterns or those with low color contrast may have a more neutral impact on the perceived size of the room.

3. Placement:

• Accent feature: Using chevron patterns as an accent feature, such as on one wall or with accessories, can add visual interest without significantly impacting the room's size.