How To Hang Double Triple Pinch Pleat Curtains

How to hang your curtains

1.     Lay the curtain face down on a clean flat surface.

2.     Work out the correct position from the top of the curtain to insert the hooks.

  • Poles – Please hang the curtain under the pole.

  • Track – Please make the curtain sit in front of the track.

  • You can move the hooks to adjust the length of the curtain.

3.     Make sure the number of hooks equals the number of curtain gliders or rings.

  • Poles – Please position the first ring at the end of the pole on the outside edge of the curtain.

  • Track – Don’t forget the fixed end stop of the track.

4.     Double pleat hooks are very sharp. Please handle with care not to go through to the front of the curtain in case of damage when repositioning hooks. Please watch the above video for more details.

Dressing your curtains

1.     All curtains need time to settle and it may take a few weeks for any creasing to drop out and the folds to fall correctly

2.     Loosely tie around each curtain to keep the pleats in place.

3.     Keep the curtains tied in position for a minimum of 48 hours. This will allow your curtain to develop distinct and even pleats.

Caring for your curtains

1.     Remove hooks, rings and hardware before washing.

2.     Follow the instructions to use professional dry clean or hand wash.

3.     Cool iron on the reverse side.

4.     We recommend that the curtains are cleaned only when necessary. If you have a set of matching curtains, tiebacks or cushions always clean them together as this helps to avoid colour variation over time.