A Beginner’s Guide To Buy A Rod Pocket Sheer Curtain

A Beginner’s Guide To Buy A Rod Pocket Sheer Curtain

 Pocket Size - Circumference 

The above illustration 
shows the circumference in green and the diameter in black.

●      The circumference of a circle is the distance around the curtain rod/rail/wire. Please add 1cm to the overall measurement.

●      e.g. If the circumference of the rod is 10cm , we would recommend 11cm circumference for your rod pocket circumference. 

●      If your circumference of the rod is not listed on the ordering page, please leave a message when you check out: "The correct circumference is ..."

 Curtain Width 

●      Enter the curtain rod/pole/wire width

●      Select single/pair, fullness.

●      The finished curtain width will be calculated automatically.

 Curtain Drop 

●      Measure from the top of the curtain pole/rod/wire to the window sill or the floor.

●      The curtains should finish 2cm above the window sill or the floor. 

1.5X Gather

2.5X Gather

3X Gather

 Selecting Your Fullness / Gather 

●      We always recommend that you choose 2.5x gather as it creates a more luxurious and high-quality look.

●      However, if you prefer a more minimalistic style, you may wish to choose 1.5X gather. 

●      If you need a curtain for a sash window or door, please contact us at info@voilavoile.com for a quote.

How to order 1.0x flat rod pocket curtain


Enter rod width

Your rod width: 100cm


Your rod width ÷ 1.5

  • Enter rod width: 66cm

  • Select 1.5X Gather heading

  • Finished curtain width: 99cm

With no visible rods and rails, the rod pocket sheer curtains create a glamorous effect and bring in natural light and colours. There are no certain rules. We will help you to achieve what you desire. Small change, big impact! Create the home you’ve always wanted with Voila Voile.