Kitchen Window Treatments Ideas to Make Your Cooking Space Shine

Kitchen Window Treatments Ideas to Make Your Cooking Space Shine

Is it just us, or do kitchen windows frequently become bare, just completely unadorned, and in some respects, neglected? We appear to adorn every window in our homes with care and style, yet when it comes to the room we probably spend the most time in, we leave those windows bare for years on end.

Spend no more time cleaning dishes, preparing your favorite foods, or drinking coffee in front of empty or, may we say, uninteresting windows. Scroll down for these amazing Kitchen Window Treatment Ideas to make your Cooking space shine. These kitchen curtain designs, from contemporary spins on the standard valance to different silhouettes and fabric options.

1. Valance-Style Draped Sides Windows

The lace-trimmed curtain lends any area a certain romantic whimsy and is ideal for a cottage-style home, shabby-chic hideaway, or rustic lodge in the woods. By serving as a frame for your uncovered window and entirely changing the look of your kitchen, this white valance type with draped sides gives it a homely, lived-in vibe.

2. Sticking to the Whites

The translucent white curtain, a fan favorite, offers little privacy or shade, but we adore the glow it creates when sunlight streams through. Sheers fit nicely with any décor style and are one of the most adaptable curtain solutions.

 Country Escape Striped Linen Voile Curtain 1

Country Escape Striped Linen Voile Curtain

3. Prints on your Kitchen Window

We advise using a print whenever possible if you've found the one you can't live without. The drapes in your dining or living room should match your kitchen to create a personalized, upmarket look. For a similar effect, buy curtain sets or have them manufactured to order.

 Microfibre Navy Blue Velvet Curtain 1

Microfibre Navy Blue Velvet Curtain

4. Getting an Artistic Blend in Design

One of the most popular kitchen window treatments is blinds since they can provide a beautiful design while still being very functional. Of course, you may hang wall art in the room to add artistic flair to your kitchen, but a blind can also serve as a blank canvas for a lovely design. The painted style blind beautifully surrounds the window and the spectacular views, bringing the beauty of the outdoors. It is also a useful option when deciding what to put over a kitchen sink window.

5. Traditional-Style Valance

It might not appear to have much of an impact because the standard valance simply covers the top of the window. However, they can be used in conjunction with another window covering to block out sunlight or just for decoration. A valance is an ideal way to enlarge narrow windows, conceal architectural flaws, or coordinate décor pieces.

6. Café type Curtains

For several factors, we adore lower-portion curtains. You get lots of sunlight flooding into your space without compromising your privacy by leaving the upper part of your kitchen window uncovered. And what's even great is that installation doesn't need power tools or years of training.

Touch Of Grace Embroidered White Flower Voile Curtain 1

Touch of Grace Embroidered White Flower Voile Curtain

7. Install Roman Shades

Consider choosing a design aesthetic that provides shade and privacy in a more simplified manner if hanging drapes impede your sense of style. Roman shades are a sort of fabric window treatment that are lifted or lowered using a lead system and rings that have been mounted on the rear. The cloth has a polished appearance when elevated because it stacks in straight horizontal folds.

8. Layered Curtains

Linen is a fantastic fabric for traditional and modern décor styles, regardless of whether you choose fitted Roman shades or sweeping pleats strung from a rod. And one of its best features is how simple it is to maintain. You can either dry clean linen or wash it in your washing machine. In actuality, it gets softer and more worn with each wash.

Royale Cream Linen Style Curtain 2

Royale Cream Linen Style Curtain

9. Adding Shutters

For millennia, people have used shutters on windows to offer security, insulation, and light blocking. Ideas for shutters are frequently made of wood and are related to more traditional, older homes. However, in recent years, many homes, both traditional and contemporary, have embraced these sleek and clever designs to regulate the amount of light in a room, give character to a space, and, of course, offer privacy.

What Should You Consider When Choosing Kitchen Window Treatments?

Blinds are an excellent alternative to curtains if you don't want to take them down every time you want to clean them. If you have blinds, you can clean them by removing them and wiping them. To satisfy your needs for privacy and light filtration, a set of blinds may be readily adjusted. If you have small children or pets, installing cordless blinds may assist preventing accidents and damage to your window treatment. Vinyl or faux wood blinds are ideal choices if you have a window near a stove, a sink, or in a location where water is likely to splash. Consult VoilaVoile UK for your sheers, curtains, drapes, and other types of window furnishing requirements.