Everything you Need to Know About Tab Top Curtains

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As curtains are essential in every household, it is important that you know about the different types of curtains. The shape of the curtains depends on the header design, including pleated, eyelet, and the well-known tab top curtains, which we will discuss in this article.

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Sheer Curtain Scandinavian Striped White Cotton Voile Curtain

What are tab top curtains?

Tab top curtains are different from normal curtains, as fabric loops are made from the header or the top edge of the curtains. They are winded over the curtain pole or rod and fixed at the front through buttons or lace ties. Over the years, these curtains have become quite popular as they have a very distinct look compared to other curtains.

In some tab top curtains, the top loops are made from the same fabric as the drapes, while in other curtains, the loops have a different colour and fabric. The choice of the tab top design will depend on the interior décor of your home and the style.

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What are the benefits of using the tab top curtains?

Tab top curtains have plenty of benefits. Unfortunately, most people aren’t aware what all these benefits are. That’s why we have described here the main benefits of these curtains.

  1. They are easy to hang on the curtain pole or the rod. All you need to do is close the buttons, create loops in the fabric, and then loop these around the rod.

  2. If you have custom length windows, tab top curtains are ideal as their lengths can be altered simply by changing the length of the loop. Hence, they can cover windows of any length.

  3. Tab top curtains are usually made from cotton fibers with varied thread counts and fiber lengths. This means there are thin and thick tab top curtains available, depending on the type of cotton used.

  4. Usually tab top curtains have both a contemporary and traditional look, which will fit homes with farmhouse, countryside, beach, or contemporary interior styles. Due to the versatility, these curtains are beloved by interior designers.

  5. Lastly, you can get custom designed tab top curtains where the loop lengths and the number of loops can be altered according to the placement of the curtain rod and the dimensions of the windows and the doors.

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What are the best uses for tab top curtains?

Tab top curtains are used in several ways to beautify your home. You can use these curtains to cover large windows or doors and maintain your privacy. In addition, you can also use these curtains to cover glass pane walls, bedroom walls, and lounges. You can even use these curtains to divide a room into two parts, while keeping the room as stylish as before.

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