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 Custom Made Products  
Price Inquires »
How much is a custom made sheer or curtain?

Frequently asked curtain design and heading inquiries »

What type of curtain/heading should I choose? Double pleat vs. pinch pleat. Do you have curtains in xxx color, xxx design? 
Measuring or Fitting Inquiries »
How to measure? Can you help to measure?

Special Size Inquiries »

Large/small size, extra-long, apex/angled/sash windows

 Fabrics and Samples 

Fabric Inquiries »

Fabric width, fabric cost, order fabric only
Free samples, free samples inquiries »
how to order? How to request?
Supply own fabric inquiries »
You can supply your own fabrics.

 Delivery and Cancelation 

Delivery Inquiries »

Ship product to over 100 countries. What's the lead time?

Cancellation and Refund »
Can I return and refund the order?

Account Issues »

Can’t register, can’t pay, what’s captcha?

 Price Inquires 

  How much is a custom made curtain/drapery?

  Please try the instant online quotations by entering your curtain size and other specifications. Please click "Make Blind"/"Make Curtain"/"Make Voile Curtain" button on the product pages to get an instant quote.

How to measure curtains »
How to choose heading »  
Understanding curtain fullness »

 Special Size/Style Inquiries 

  Do you supply extra long curtains? Can you supply curtains for apex/angled/sash windows?

  Our custom made curtains are created to your exact requirements in any custom style and size. We supply small/large curtains, extra long curtains, curtains for sash windows, apex windows or angled Windows. 

If you can't get an instant quote or order online directly, please email the specific size, single/pair, special fullness, special heading, special style, lining or other specifications to for a quote.

 Fabric Inquiries 

  What’s your fabric width?

  Fabric is woven in various widths, some of the most common are 55", 110" and 126" wide.

  I want to make a curtain by myself. Can I order some fabrics?

  We supply fabrics. Please click "Order Fabric Only" button to order. A minimum order value is required by our suppliers. Please check more details on the Sheers/Voiles and Curtains/Drapes pages.

Please contact if you need more details regarding the fabrics.

 Supply Own Fabric Inquiries 

  Can you make the curtains in my own fabrics?

  Yes, you can supply your own fabrics. Our custom made curtains are created to your exact requirements in any custom style and size.

Can you please let us know your fabric design and fabric width? To match the pattern in the joint seam will be more complicated in a patterned design.

It's always worth asking! Please feel free to email us your requests to

 Measuring or Fitting Inquiries 

  Do you help to measure or fit curtains?

  We offer a measurement service for the local area. Please contact us to book a visiting. Please email

If you don't live in a local area. Don't worry, you can still measure your windows by yourself. It's very simple and easy if you follow our instructions below. 

Measuring and Fitting Guide »

How to measure curtains »
How to convert Inch/Feet into CM »
How to choose heading »
How to choose linings »

Please get free samples to see and feel.
How to order free samples »

 Samples, Free Samples Inquiries 

  Can I order some free samples?

  You can order free samples online. Please leave your email address to request free samples if the selected samples are not available at the moment. We will notify you as soon as they are ready.

  How to order free samples?

  You can get free samples to see and touch. Click here.

 Delivery Inquiries 

  Do you deliver to my country? is able to ship product to over 100 countries. Please check more details from the following links:
Delivery & shipping time and charges »
Does Voila Voile ship products to my country »

  How long does it take to deliver my order? 

  It takes about 2-4 weeks to make and deliver the orders within the UK depends on heading, fabric stocks, qty, etc. We would like to supply the perfect products for you. The priority is for you to be a happy and satisfied customer. We’ll notify you of the delivery as soon as the dispatch occurs. Check lead time to other countries.

 Frequently asked curtain design, curtain heading inquiries 

  What type of heading style should I choose?

  Please choose a heading style to match your fitting system.
Pencil pleat curtain (2.0 fullness)

Grommet curtain (1.5x fullness, cheaper)
Double pleat/Pinch pleat curtains (elegant and luxury look)
Tab top curtain (1.5 fullness. No need to open or close the curtains often.)
Rod Pocket curtain

Extendable tension rod 
Lightweight curtains, e.g., rod pocket sheer curtain

Net curtain wire 
Rod pocket sheer curtain. The window recess is too wide and can’t find a suitable tension rod.

Sash windows 
Flat rod pocket panel (1.0 fullness) Please email your window size to for a quote.

Useful links:

How to measure curtains »
How to choose heading »   
Understanding curtain fullness »

  Should I choose double pleat or pinch pleat heading style?

  Double pleat and pinch pleat headings look elegant and luxurious.  Both headings are quite deep (about 5") which look great on long curtains.
Double pleat curtain - Sets of two folds are sewn in "V" shape into the double pleat header to create a neat and formal look. 
Pinch pleat curtain - Triple folds are sewn in "fan" shape into the pinch pleat header which creates a fuller look. The pleats are shown off the best effect on plain, semi or subtle designs.

  Do you have sheers/fabrics in my preferred designs/colors?

  Please search for your favorite designs on the homepage. You can also use filter to select sheer by color, design and fabric.


Popular colours

Cream/white sheers»
Gray sheers»
Blue sheers»
Pink voiles»

Popular designs

Floral sheers »

Palm sheers »

Modern designs »


Cotton sheers »

Sheer/soft sheers »

 Cancelation and Refund 

  Can I cancel the order?

 If you need to cancel your order for any reason please email us as early as possible at quoting your name, order number, item description and date of order.

Cancelation of orders will be entitled to 100% refund, if the order on has not been processed. 

Custom made products are made to your requirements. They are suitable only to you and therefore cannot be cancelled or returned. 

Cut to order fabrics have been cut and prepared for delivery in which case customers will be expected to pay in full for goods ordered.

 Account Issues 

  I can’t register an account?

  Can you please provide your name and email address by live chat or email to We can register an account for you. The login details will be sent to you shortly with a temporary password. Then log into your account as an existing customer. You can change the password after you log into your account. 

  What’s he Captcha?

  Please copy the numbers on the image into the box. CAPTCHA is used to prevent bots from automatically submitting forms with SPAM. Please see the screen shot below.

  How to pay for my order?

  You can pay by all major credit/debit cards.

Unfortunately, we don’t accept check. Please contact us for help via