Striped Sheer Curtains

Striped Sheer Curtains

The stripes can create huge impact in a room. 

Hanging them as high as possible above the window and as wide as possible either side of window to make a room feel bigger and interesting.  

Vertical Striped Sheer Curtains are visually pushing your ceiling even higher. See More >>

Horizontal Striped Sheer Curtains make a room appear wider and more expansive


Brush  Strokes Striped Sheer Curtains look dynamic and tasteful. They can be the statement in a room. See More >>

Colourful Striped Sheer Curtains take the cue from classic poolside cabanas, giving the entire structure a breezy seaside vibe. 
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Subtle Striped Sheer Curtains are timeless and glamorous. No wonder why they are so popular! See More >>

Thick, thin, wide, narrow, bold, muted, vertical, horizontal... Very few patterns are as diverse as the stripe. Check out more stylish striped sheer curtains for some linear inspiration. See More >>