4 Steps to Decorating Your Living Room with Sheer Printed Curtains

4 Steps to Decorating Your Living Room with Sheer Printed Curtains

Decor in the living room is the most important, especially if you are a fanatic about how your home looks and feels. For many people, the living room is a blank page where homeowners can express themselves via art. You have a wide variety of design choices and concepts at your disposal for the living room. Class and elegance can be added to any nook and cranny.

Windows in living rooms are significant since they are usually the only source of daylight here. As a result, it's necessary that you select your curtains with extreme care when decorating windows. These days, designs of exquisite sheer printed curtains are very popular among people interested in redecorating their living rooms.

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1.     Pay Attention to the Room and Its Decor

Sheer curtains work the best in areas with many colours and patterns because they create a charming visual contrast. By draping thick fabric curtains over them, you can create the same privacy and aesthetic of a hotel room. Curtains made of sheer fabric can be an excellent way of bringing out the beauty of textured walls and reflecting frames. However, if you need maximum privacy, you might want to look for something different.

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2.     Check the Length and Width

When draped across the entire width and length of the window, curtains always look the most beautiful. To get a more wavy appearance, buy printed sheer curtains that are twice or three times the size of your window. These sheer curtains should be an inch shorter or the same height as your fabric curtains if you're pairing them together. Make sure the length of your sheer curtains is at least a few inches greater than your ceiling height if you're hanging a single piece of drapery.

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3.     Pick the Right Colour

Sheers are predominantly light in colour, but there are plenty of stunning colour variations. Consider the colour of your walls and floor before deciding on your curtain colour. White, off-white, and ivory, for example, match beautifully with any colour scheme and are especially appealing when paired with sheer lace curtains. If you have a neutral-coloured room, Prussian blue , green, and other similar tones will be most suitable. Take note that in comparison to darker hues, lighter colours may easily show dust stains and require more frequent cleaning.

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4.     Divide Them into Sections

Regardless of the length and width of your window, dividing the curtains into sections is a very elegant way of hanging them. Whenever you want to create a wavy look divided into different segments, try hanging panels of five to six semi-sheer printedcurtains on the same curtain rod at the same time. When your decor is divided into smaller parts, it gives the impression of the room being more open.

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Using sheer curtains in your home is always an excellent way of giving it a charming makeover while also making it practical in hot summers. When shopping for sheer printed curtains from Voila Voile, remember to consider our advice, so you can make the most of your new curtains.