The Best Velvet Curtains and Drapes for 2022

The Best Velvet Curtains and Drapes for 2022

Let’s start a room's design with a fabulous velvet curtain piece, because it sets the mood and color for the room.


Velvet curtains in Rich Jewel Tones

If you want a jewel toned color palette with rich textures in your decor, velvet curtain will instantly add feelings of luxury and personality to a room.

Check out these stunning and vivid Jewel Tones colors including ruby red, amethyst purple, sapphire blue, citrine yellow, vibrant pin, and emerald green velvet curtains. 

Green Velvet Curtains >>

Blue Velvet Curtains >>

Blue Velvet Curtains >>

Purple Velvet Curtains >>


Pink Velvet Curtains >>

Yellow Velvet Curtains >>

Orange Velvet Curtains & Mustard Velvet Curtains >>

Velvet curtains in Florals

Bring in a flourish of blooms with floral velvet curtains that make a statement in bedrooms and living spaces.

Birds & Blossoms Floral Velvet Curtains >>

Persian Garden Floral Velvet Curtains >>

Botanica Striped Floral Velvet Curtains >>


Jungle Mingle Monkey and Parrot Floral Velvet Curtains >>

Sparkle Velvet
Life is better when you are covered in glitter. Shine all day with these dazzling velvet curtain with gold glitter!

Sparkle Velvet Curtain >>

Velvet curtains in Patterns

Looking for some exciting inspiration for your project? Mix color and pattern for a bold yet elegant look in your décor.



Modern Velvet Curtains

See how sleek, contemporary furnishings can suit your space.

Gray Velvet Curtains >>


Scandinavian Basketweave Textured Velvet Curtains >>

Striped Velvet

The unique stripe design brings a beautifully comforting detail to your interior.

Striped Velvet Curtain >>

Black Velvet Curtains >>

Cream Velvet Curtains >>

Vintage Velvet Curtains

Get ideas for vintage furnishings to create cosy rooms with character.

Red Burgundy Velvet Curtains >>


Exquisite Matte Velvet Chenille Curtains >>


Velvety Faux Suede Curtains >>


Cosy Plaid Velvet Chenille Curtains >>