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Heading is the way the top of the curtain attaches to the poles or track. There are different headings you can choose for your curtains and all depend on your preference or the type of pole or track you are using. The type of heading you choose can sometimes effect the curtain’s look (to achieve a contemporary or a traditional style) and cost (some headings require more fabric and complicate processes than others). Please choose a heading style to match your fitting system.

Pencil pleat curtain (2.0 fullness)  need 1.5x, 3.0x, 4.0x gather
S fold Wave fold Ripple fold curtain (2.0 fullness)
Eyelet curtain (1.5x fullness, cheaper)
Double pleat Pinch pleat curtains (elegant and luxury look)
Tab top curtain (1.5 fullness. No need to open or close the curtains often.)
Rod Pocket curtain
S fold Wave fold Ripple fold curtain (2.0 fullness)
Extendable tension rod 
Lightweight curtains, e.g., rod pocket voile curtain
Net curtain wire 
Rod pocket voile curtain. The window recess is too wide and can’t find a suitable tension rod.
Sash windows 
Flat rod pocket panel (1.0 fullness) Please email your window size to for a quote.

  Pencil Pleat  

A pencil pleat heading creates a simple and tidy feel. It can be hung onto both curtain track and pole system.



This curtain style is perfect for a room with large glass windows or doors. To keep the tidy headings, you may draw the curtain open by the tiebacks (not to move headings to the left and right ends).

If you prefer the neat slim folds, please don’t choose very heavier weight fabrics.

Our pencil pleat curtains are 2.0X gather. You can adjust your desired gather by yourself. Check more detail for 1.5X Gather, 3.0X Gather, 4.0X Gather pencil pleat curtains.

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  Double Pleat  


A very formal and elegant heading.

It is very similar to triple/pinch pleat heading, but requires less fabric. It can be hung onto both curtain track and pole system

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  Triple / Pinch Pleat  

Triple/Pinch pleat curtain creates a quite formal dressing.

Triple/Pinch pleat headings which are more gathered than other curtain styles. It can be hung onto both curtain track and pole system.


It can be paired with modern furnishings and furniture to create a contemporar look.

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Eyelet curtain creates a contemporary look with large, even and naturally soft folds. 

It suitable for both lighter and heavier weight fabrics. Pole system only.




Eyelet heading doesn’t require as much fabric and is great for showing off prints.

How to Measure (Very important!) >>

  Tab Top  

Tap Top curtain gives a modern, informal and romantic feel.

Tab top curtain has loops at the top which can only be hung with pole system.



It is suitable a sheer, billowy fabric or voile.

How to Measure (Very important!) >>

  S Fold / Wave Fold / Ripple Fold  

S Fold Wave curtain creates fluid waves of the fabric. It is neat and stylish.

It can be hung onto both curtain track and pole system.




It is works well with large windows and high ceiling with minimised curtain stack. It makes your windows feel taller and wider than they are. It moves effortlessly and quickly. 
We recommend voile or sheer fabrics for S Fold Wave Curtains. It is not suitable for stiff or heavy fabric.

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  Rod Pocket Voile Curtains  

With no visible rods and rails, the rod pocket sheer curtains create a glamorous effect and bring in natural light and colours.


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