How to Layer Curtains with Sheers?

Do you want to layer curtains with the set of sheers and drapes? The sheer curtains are very light and hence can be layered up with any heavy curtains to add depth and enhance your space.

Choose the Right Layers

For choosing the curtain layers, start with selecting the base and outer layer.  The sheer curtains are common layering with the heavy curtains or blackout curtains. The sheer curtains will add privacy meanwhile let the sunlight in during day time. They can be layered with a double curtain rod or double brackets.


Select the Size of Curtains

For selecting the size, you can choose from five lengths which are:

·         Sill Length curtains finish 1-2cm (½") above the window sill

·         Below sill length curtains finish 0.79″ (1") above a radiator if one is located below the window

·         Floor length curtains finish 1-2cm (½") above the floor

·         Break Length the curtains just “kiss” the floor which requires accurate measuring

·         Puddle length the curtains can puddle up on the floor to add a luxury and formal look.

Soft Breeze Brilliant White Voile Curtain (left)

Smell White Roses Premium Lace Voile Curtain (right)

Select the colour of Curtains

For a colour coordinated look, make sure the curtain colour is matching your interior colour scheme.

The Perfect Blend Ombre Pink Sheer Curtain >>

For a complementary colour scheme, choose a curtain color that contrasts the wall colour. You can create a dynamic composition through the use of contrast.

Fine Gold Velvet Curtain >>

Layer the Curtains

1.       Install the hardware such as double brackets or double curtain rods which should extend at least 15-25cm (6"-10") to either side of the window, and 5.91″ (6") above the top of the window.

2.       Now assemble the base and outer layer in the order. Make the sheer curtain as the base layer. Then make the blackout curtain or the thicker curtain as the outer layer.

3.       Attach some decorative finials and tiebacks.

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