How to Drape a Sheer Curtain Scarf over a Rod?

Are you the one who always loves adding up a new element in the house to gain applause? If the windows of your room have already been covered with blinds, then you certainly can now add upon some decorative pieces of sheer curtains onto it. Yes, draping the sheer curtains has now become a trend. Add a soft touch to your room and it will make the room look fresh, bright and airy.


The sheer curtains are referred to as the scarf curtains due to their versatile uses in different ways. From wrapping it around the curtains rod to laying them over on sconces, you can use them in many ways. For complementing the appearance of your room, one needs to first choose the best colour of the curtains. There is no big thing to decide this, but all you have to be is a bit creative. 


Many of you must be wondering about how to drape a sheer curtain over a rod. We are here with the proper methods of how you can do it easily. It seriously is not rocket science, only pay attention to the tips below, and you will surely be doing it right.

Method to Wrap Around the Curtain Rod


Below we have discussed the proper way of how one can wrap the sheer curtains around the rod for better aesthetics. 


Step 1: 

Spread the curtain panels on the floor with their coloured or patterned side facing downwards. In general, the curtain's designed side is called the 'front' side, whereas the other side is known as the 'back' side. 


Step 2:

Next, arrange the panels so that they are placed horizontally with their top wedges meeting together exactly in front of you.


Step 3:

Mark a vertical line of 1 inch on the inner side of the meeting edges of each panel with the help of a fabric marker. Now pin up the panels along those same lines together when the edges are pulled up so that the two "right" sides meet. You need to create a seam of only 1 inch.


Step 4:

Then you have to insert the fusible hem tape into the seam as much as you can. The pins that you have used in the previous step will stop the tape from entering after a point. So, now you need to heat the iron and then apply it to the seam of these curtains. This will enable the adhesive to hold together the two curtains panels. Now let the seam cool down before pins are removed. You now have one extra-long panel of curtains.


Step 5:

Pull the sheer curtain over the pre-installed curtain rod. Keep pulling it to one side until both sides of the curtains are of equal lengths. Take one end of the curtain panel and then pull it up and then over the curtain rod. Next, hold the curtain section that now sits draped in the centre of the curtain rod. Pull it down by creating a crescent-shaped design.


Step 6:

Take one end of the curtain panel and bring it up over the bracket of the rod and down the other side. With a simple knot, pull it back through the loop that you will make to tie it onto the rope. To complete the scarf-like, you can then do the same on the other side also.


Method to Wrap the Curtain with Sconce


Here is yet another method to wrap the curtain with the help of a sconce. Let us have a look at it now.

  1. Place the curtains straight out and fold      them in accordion-style lengthwise. Then fold the pleated curtain in half.      Put a straight pin into the centre of the folded curtains.

  2. Next, start by measuring the width of the      window from one sconce to another. Divide the width to half to reach up to      the centre of the window. Measure the centre and label the top of the      window with a pencil.

  3. Now insert the straight pin in the centre,      which has been marked previously. Ask someone to hold the curtain from one      end and keep unfolding the curtains on each end. 

  4. Take off the straight pin and pull down      the curtain slowly from the centre area to create a draping effect. Adjust      it properly so that it looks similar from both sides. Pull the draping      gently down in the middle for a longer swag.


These were a few steps that could help you wrap around the curtains around the rod. You can try this at your home with the pair of sheer curtains. 


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