How to Wash Sheer Curtains?

Sheer curtains have been in trend these days, due to their translucent properties to let the light pass through meanwhile provide privacy. More and more people enjoy the benefits from choosing sheer curtains, such as aesthetic appeal, to filter light, and lightweight. Many sheer curtains are made of polyester due to its durability, colour retention ability and ease of cleaning and caring. But if the sheer drapes that you own are made out of a few different fibers, then washing them will be a challenge for you.  

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These curtains can sometimes get entangled in a washing machine. The movement of the washing machine can tear the curtains and leave you in a mess. Hand washing of delicate sheer curtains seems to be the only healthy way to ensure they can continue to be used. Below are specific steps that one should follow to make sure that the sheer curtains are safe.


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Step 1

If now it has been a while since you have not washed the sheer curtains in your house, then make sure that you vacuum them before removing them from the rod. But on a safe side, always set the vacuum suction pressure at the lowest.


Step 2

Next, remove them from the rod and fold them lengthwise into half. Keep doing this unless they are of a size that fits into the sink you are supposed to wash them in. Avoid crumbling them as it will get creased and can get torn.


Step 3

You will need a plastic container for washing these drapes, or else your kitchen sink will be fine. Fill the water halfway to the sink or container, whatever you are using. If you are washing them on the floor, you can protect the floor from water splatters by spreading a sheet. 


Step 4

Stir in just a few drops of your preferred liquid dish wash. Ensure that you do not put a lot of liquid soap, or else it would produce a lot of bubbles. This will make washing very hard for you. If you use plastic containers, then you should have two of them in which one you will add water and liquid soap. On the other hand, the second container will be filled with water. In case of the double-sided kitchen sink, use one side for cleaning and the other side for rinsing.


Step 5

Now put the folded curtains into the warm soapy water. Gently dip it into the water until it gets submerged properly. Next, leave them in the water for around 10-15 minutes. In the meantime, you can clean the windows at this time.


Step 6

Very slowly now swirl the sheer curtains in the water to remove the dirt from them. Always remember that you cannot twist or crumble them while taking them out of the water. Try squeezing as much water out as possible and then slip it into the clean water for a rinse. Swallow them by your side.


Step 7

Place a few thick towels on top of the kitchen counter, board, or table. Gently take out the transparent sheer curtains, and keep them on these spread towels. Now you need to unfold these curtains on the towels so that they get opened up properly. Then roll the towels along with the curtains just like a swiss roll. Let it stay like this for several minutes so that these towels can absorb the excess water that these curtains will release.


Step 8

Now unroll the towel and shake the curtains very gently. Make sure that they are dried completely. If not, then roll them up again in dry towels and wait for more minutes. You need to wait until they get damp slightly. Once hanged, you can air-dry them for a sleeker look.


This was a simple way of hand-washing the sheer curtains. It is better that you avoid using the washing machine, as in some cases, these get torn up easily. 


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 However, there are some warning tips which we suggest you follow to make sure that your curtains are the same as they were when you bought them. 

  • Use professional Dry Clean for cotton or silk sheer curtains. Please always check the washing and caring instructions first.

  • Avoid using hot water for washing these drapes, since they often get shrunk or damaged due to this.

  • Never wash the sheer drapes in a washing machine. Prefer hand washing them or take them to a specialist.

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