How to Use a Net Curtain Wire?

For decades people have used net curtains in their homes as a way of providing privacy, or beautiful decoration to their windows. The delicate net curtains provide privacy while bringing natural light into the house. Net Curtains are usually very lightweight and range in style from lacy to plain, from embroidered looks to crisp and modern. Net Curtains are a great addition to home décor and if meticulously selected, they give your room an ultra-luxury look. There are three types of net curtains such as Voile, Café curtains, and Jardinière.

Voile Curtains – These curtains are perfect for large windows and we would recommend full drop length covers. Usually, voile curtains are plain, but you can even buy embroidered ones as they are widely available and look elegant. Voile curtains are available in diverse colours and pattern to suit your styling needs and personal taste. 

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Café Curtains - Café curtains are quite affordable and cover half of the window, either it is bottom half or the top half. They are mostly used in the kitchen. If you want to experience kickass style and shades combo, café curtains will perfectly suit your needs.

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Jardinière - Jardinière holds a place among the net curtains top echelon because of its ability to allow you to see outside while keeping inside from been seen from outside. Isn’t it awesome? They are mostly full length and have an arch at the end. Jardinière net curtains are unique and stand out amongst other curtains. Thus, if you are looking to add an oomph factor in your home, then go for these curtains.

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It's time to see how to hang them to offer a perfect look. We at Voila Voile regularly sell net curtain online and many customers ask us what the best method is of hanging them at the window. There are several options for displaying your Net Curtains, but we recommend using curtain wire. However, for slightly heavier Net Curtains you can use tension rods as well. 

Most of our customers use curtain wire to put up their Net Curtains as it can be cut to the exact measurement of your window, easy to mount, and is cheap and cost-effective. This can be used for nets, voiles, and lightweight curtains but is not suitable for heavyweight nets. 

The curtain wire can be attached to your window frame, if it is wooden, by screwing in a small metal hook into the frame and screwing a metal eyelet into the end of the wire and attaching the two. The hooks and eyes can be used either way round however we usually suggest screwing the eyelets into the end of the curtain wire. As the curtain wire is coiled inside the plastic casing will allow a small amount of stretch.

If you have uPVC windows you can still use curtain wire to hang your Net Curtains. Instead of using a metal hook, you can purchase small self-adhesive pads with end support attached. This time you need to attach the eyelets to the end of the curtain wire and hang this from the end support.

Method to Use Net Curtain Wire 

Now let us get into the details of how to use net curtain wire to hang up your curtains.

Step 1 – Take the curtain wire and twist in the eye hook at the end of the wire until it is tight.

Step 2 – Next, use the stud finder to locate the two wall studs where you want to hang the curtain. Mark the edges with a pencil and measure down from the ceiling and mark the desired height for the cable at each stud location.

Step 3 – Drill a pilot hole into the centre of each stud at the marked height, then drive a screw hook into the stud. The screw hooks have coarse threads designed for wood, much like a lag screw.

Step 4 – Hang the wire on one of the hooks and pull it to the other corner. The curtain wire has a stretch to it, so you need to measure the distance between the hooks and cut the wire using wire cutters a short distance from the other hook.

Step 5 – Twist the other eyelet onto the end of the wire and pull it over the hook. If you have a large window you can add hooks in the centre to support the wire. 

Step 6 – Then take down the curtain wire and on the top of the net curtain there are two rows of stitching, insert the wire between them. Now get back to your window and hang the wire onto the hooks. Adjust your net curtain with the drapes you want, and you are done. 

These are the steps to follow on how to use Net Curtain Wire to hang your net curtains. For more such information visit  

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