Caring for your curtains

          Recommended cleaning

·      Recommended cleaning instructions for each fabric. 

·         Please note wash the curtains only when they are advised washable. Don’t wash if the lining, trims and embellishments aren't washable or colourfast.

·         Remove hooks, rings and hardware before washing.

·         Professional dry clean, hand wash or machine wash as instructed.

·         Don’t overload the washing machine. Don’t wash if the curtains are too large for your washing machine.

·         Before the curtains are completely dry, remove them from washing line or dryer (on a low setting).

·         Iron the curtains on the reverse side.


          Daily care

·      A gentle shaking when the curtains are drawn closed at night will prevent dust and dirt from lodging in the fibers.

·        Also you can use a handheld vacuum and soft brush to clean regularly. Always make sure that trims, buttons, and other embellishments are secure before vacuuming.

          Shrinkage Consideration

·      For washable fabrics shrinkage of up to 5% may occur if washing instructions are followed.

·        To reduce this possibility, washable fabrics should always be hand-washed, drip dried and ironed in a lengthways direction before fully dry.

·        Shrinkage in any fabric can be minimised if your curtains are dry cleaned.

Sunlight Considerations

·      Some windows are exposed to more sunlight than others. Light-coloured curtains would be the most suitable here as light-coloured fabrics generally reflect sunlight and resist fading.

·        Dark colours absorb light and fade. To protect fabrics from the sun, use lined curtains or blinds.