How to measure curtains

Before you measure

Before taking measurements for your curtain, it is important to make sure your curtain pole or track is installed in the recommended location.  The curtain pole/track should extend at least 15-25cm to either side of the window, and 15cm above the top of the window.

We recommend you use a metal tape measure, which will not stretch.


Curtain width

To measure the width of your curtain, measure from the end of the tracks or the usable section of the pole between the 'finials' or decorative ends (D)


Curtain length/height/drop

We recommend three types of curtain lengths:

1.      Sill length  curtains finish 1-2cm above the window sill (E)

2.      Below sill length curtains finish 2cm above a radiator if one is located below the window (F)

3.      Floor length curtains finish 1-2cm above the floor (G)

Specific measurements for your curtain type 

  Pleated Curtains  

These measurements are the same for pencil pleat, double pleat, pinched pleat and goblet pleat.

If you have a curtain pole, measure from the bottom of the curtain rings (C).  If you have a track, measure from the top of the track (to make the curtain sit in front of the track/hide the track), or the bottom of the track rings (B).

  Tab Top Curtains  

If you have a curtain pole, measure from the top of the pole (A). 

The finished curtain length should be the length you have measured from (A) which included 10 cm tab folds over the curtain pole. This is suitable for poles up to 45mm in diameter. The hanging length may vary slightly on the different diameter poles.

* Please measure from the top of the curtain pole to the very top of the window frame. This is important because you want to ensure your curtains completely cover the top of the window. Therefore, when hang over the curtain pole, the gap must be longer than the finished tabs.


  Eyelet Curtains  

Eyelet Curtain Rings: The inner diameter of the eyelet ring is 4cm. The eyelet will fit poles up to 3cm in diameter.  There are 6-7 eyelet rings per meter width of heading.

Eyelet Curtain Height: Measure from the top of the curtain pole (A) and then add 4 cm to your measurement.

Enter the finished eyelet curtain height from the top of the pole (A) to the bottom of the curtain + 4 cm

  Rod Pocket Sheer Curtains  

Measure from the top of the curtain pole (A)


1.5X Gather

2.5X Gather

3X Gather

We always suggest our customers choose 2.5X gather because it creates a more luxurious and quality look. As a minimalist, you may think the 1.5X gather looks great and save your money. Please check more details via the link below.


The above illustation with circumference in pink, diameter in green. The circumference of a circle is the distance around it. 

e.g. If the circumference of the rod is 11cm, we would like to recommend 12cm circumference for your rod pocket circumference.

A beginner’s guide to buy a rod pocket sheer curtain

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