28 Art Deco Curtain Ideas for Every Room

28 Art Deco Curtain Ideas for Every Room


What is art deco?

Art deco is a style that was particularly fashionable in the 1920s to 1930s. It is characterised by its geometric patterns and vibrant colours, rendering it both classy and eye-catching. It continues to be just as stylish today but now with a vintage feel to it, making it perfect for styling your home. And what better way to use art deco in your home décor than on your curtains?

The Roaring Twenties Luxury Art Deco Curtain Collection

The Roaring Twenties Luxury Art Deco Curtain Collection

Oriental Fans Collection

Advantages of art deco curtains

●       Bold and striking: Art deco curtains will make a bold statement in your home, filling the room with elegance and catching everyone’s attention.

●       Vintage and classy: Want to feel like you’re at a lavish party in the Roaring Twenties? Art deco curtains are a perfect way of creating that atmosphere in your home.

●       Artistic and exquisite: With the word ‘art’ in its name, it’s no wonder that art deco curtains will add a creative and abstract touch to your home.

 Art Deco Chevron Curtains

 Art Deco Chevron Curtains >>

 Art Deco Chevron Curtain Collection >>


Hello Sunshine Modern Art Deco Curtain Collection 

Hello Sunshine Modern Art Deco Curtain Collection

How to use art deco curtains to style your home

●       Customise your curtains: Choosing your favourite customisations for your curtains will be a great place to start. At Voila Voile, you can pick from a large variety of heading styles and get made-to-measure curtains that will fit perfectly.

●       Pair with similar colours: Having a colour theme is always an excellent way of designing a room. Art deco curtains will bring all the colours in the room together to create a harmonious look.

●       Combine with voile curtains: You could try pairing art deco curtains with voile curtains underneath. This way, you can draw open your curtains to let air and sunshine in whilst the voile curtains maintain your privacy. We recommend voiles with simple designs to complement the boldness of art deco curtains.


Great Gatsby Luxury Art Deco Curtain Collection



If you’re looking for new curtains to complete your room or you’re revamping your entire home, we highly recommend art deco curtains. At Voila Voile, we have a large selection of made-to-measure art deco curtains available in various colours, patterns and heading styles. Take a look our 24 art deco curtains now and transform your home into a place of sheer luxury and elegance.

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